Ethical Health Check

Analysis of the ethical profiles of companies, governing bodies and individuals

In order to address one's personal ethics, the ethics of the company and cases of ethical dissonance prerequires both the willingness and the ability to do so. This is called 'ethical competence'. For this purpose, our partner company has designed the Ethical Health Check.

The ethical profile of a human being describes his/her central value-system. This value-system forms the basis of a person's feelings and social skills and, furthermore, determines the ways in which the person interacts with others and deals with conflict situations. Beyond the reach of the person's cognitive faculties, it is his/her value-system which largely determines when, where and with whom he/she genuinely feels comfortable or uncomfortable, really relaxed or stressed. The influence of a human being’s central value system on his/her health, performance and the quality of relationships is immense and not to be underestimated. Would you like to learn more about this in a personal interview?